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Webdrop Technologies has only one goal: to be the best digital marketing agency in Calgary.

Established in 2008, we have seen and followed tremendous evolution in the digital marketing industry. Our 12 years of first-hand experience have not only enabled us to help countless startups and major corporations to gain online exposure, but it also provided us with valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Our thoughtful, robust, and flexible internal processes have enabled us to ensure that we keep your projects right on the track. Our devoted and talented team of fanatics is easily accessible, and they are always ready to analyze, help, and optimize your business.

At Webdrop, our goal is to use technology to provide effective and optimum digital solutions for your business. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary, our objective is to ensure that our services and products are in accordance with the needs and goals of our customers. We seek to integrate state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your business

We strive to build relationships, instead of establishing links with our customers because, for us, our customers are a part of Webdrop’s family. With this approach, we have represented brand values more faithfully while ensuring the best possible outcomes in all situations.

Our passion for technology, web design, and digital marketing have not only allowed us to enhance our skillset, but it has also inspired us to provide professional, competent, and efficient online marketing services.

About Webdrop Technologies
Webdrop Calgary Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to breathe and live “outside the box” while providing cutting-edge online marketing services across Calgary.

Our Mission

Our goal is to use technology to empower businesses and transform golden ideas into reality. From development and design to SEO services, social, content, pay-per-click, and beyond, our mission is to work as a team with our clients to ensure that you see optimum results throughout all campaigns.

Our innovative approach allows us to tailor our strategy to ensure that you get best ROI while keeping everything transparent, so you are aware of how and where your money is being spent.

At Webdrop, we develop branding tactics and strategies to accomplish allocated tasks while ensuring that all your projects are efficiently managed, on time. Webdrop’ talented team of fanatics are motivated to assist our clients in developing leading digital marketing strategy that will assist our customers in increasing their online business presence, drive high-quality, and qualified traffic while generating sales. Our doors are open for all types of businesses in Calgary.

Our reputation for the highest quality of work and exceptional customer service have allowed us to ensure that we are the number one digital marketing choice for all types of businesses. At Webdrop, we assure that you will not regret putting us in charge of your digital needs.

Our Team

Sarensh Kaalia

Sarensh Kaalia


As the director of Webdrop, Sarensh has ten years of unmatched experience in designing sophisticated application architecture, web design, and application development. He discovered his passion for technology at a very early age and ever since he has contributed significantly to expanding other businesses. He is an exceptional problem solver, a passionate developer, and an SEO enthusiast who has extensive knowledge of software development. Sarensh’s ability to understand project requirements, his great skills in providing business insights, and his intuitive problem-solving capabilities have enabled him to implement the most effective solutions that consistently satisfies all demands of the clients.

Yuvraj Hundal

Yuvraj Hundal

Database Architect

Yuvraj is a highly knowledgeable and skilled computer science graduate with a keen interest in database architecture. He has tremendous knowledge of all software development life cycle. Yuvraj specialization lies in the development of database and real-time data handling design and optimization. With the academic background in computer science and a strong passion for databases and big data, Yuvraj expertly examines complex technical problems, while developing effective and efficient solutions that best satisfy clients’ needs. Yuvraj’s desire to use databases to solve unstructured and structured data problems drives him to explore different aspects of data strategy.

James Olowo

James Olowo

Business Development Officer

James’s background originates from over ten years in the accounting and finance industry. James graduated from La Roche College with a BS degree in Accounting and Management. His passion for accounting and finance quickly earned him an MS degree in Finance and Information Systems from the University of Maryland.

James extensive experience as a financial analyst for three years at Trinity Capital Investment, and then working for Dell as an accountant exposed him to various business development strategies. Through these developments, James has discovered multiple strategies and platforms for farming online leads with a highly successful conversion ratio. His major interests include reading cybersecurity and financial novels, watching sports, and playing golf.

Nicole MH

Nicole MH

Creative Content Writer

Meet Nicole, your go-to person when it comes to doing something creative. Her passion for exploring new things led her to study journalism, and without wasting any time, Nicole joined a national EPC company.

Nicole’s exceptional creative writing capabilities and her extensive experience in journalism quickly caught the attention of an international firm. With extensive market experience as a content writer, she developed a new passion for market and marketing analysis. Nicole’s passion for journalism developed an adventurous spirit within her. Her desire to make an impact drives her to work harder, and thus she is either constantly blogging, dancing, or singing – trying to live her life to the fullest.

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