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Gain international exposure for your brand and a leading position on SERPs with Webdrop’s Shopify SEO services!

Do you want your eCommerce business to thrive in today’s highly competitive market? Are you trying to increase your RoI with your Shopify website? Do you struggle with your target customers not finding your ecommerce websites? It’s time to relax because Webdrop is here with the best Shopify SEO services in Calgary!

The current eCommerce market is highly saturated, and you need to stay ahead of the competition to sustain your business. Having a good and user-friendly website shouldn’t be the only goal, but also to develop Shopify for SEO!

From Shopify SEO tools to Shopify SEO strategy, we offer a comprehensive list of services!

Did you know that Shopify generated more than 46 million visits and almost 218 million orders last year? If you choose the right SEO strategy, your business can be one of those! 

Build a Scalable Digital Store with Webdrop…

The old days of business are gone, and eCommerce has changed the whole landscape. Shopify empowers millions of business owners these days and offers doors to customers from all over the world. It is a brilliant platform to build an online store, but you need Shopify SEO features to give it the visibility that it needs. 

At Webdrop, we let you focus on other business strategies while we take care of all the SEO related services. Our exceptional team of SEO specialists ensures that your potential customers find the product they are looking for and generate sales. 

What We Offer in Our Shopify SEO Services?

Content Marketing

One thing that works the best for SEO is the Content, and you need a bunch of wordsmiths who can write excellent SEO optimized content for your Shopify website. Google prefers websites that have well-written content with SEO optimization and no stuffing or meaningless content. Therefore it is highly important to hire a professional SEO agency in Calgary like Webdrop.

Keyword Research

Keywords are no less than powerful weapons when it comes to making Shopify SEO friendly. We perform comprehensive keyword research that perfectly matches your services or products. Moreover, we also provide location-specific keywords if you require them.

Link Building

It is important to focus on link building and citation to rank your website high. Our specialists have some exceptional link-building techniques that they use to enhance the traffic on your website via hundreds of backlinks.

Regular SEO Audits

It is highly important to conduct a detailed audit on the SEO of your website to understand its ranking on SERPs. Our professional team performs regular maintenance and tweaking according to the audit reports to rank your website at the top of the SERPs in Calgary


Take a look at what our valued customers are saying…

Webdrop was always well on time and ensured that I get exactly what I needed for my online store.

Leah Morrison

They were so patient and helpful. At first I didn’t know how to give my brand visibility on web. But these guys helped me so much

Isabelle Gray

I am deeply impressed! Webdrop accommodates all the changes that I need on the platform with the products changing, and my website has seen a lot more traffic than before. I’d totally recommend them for all the people in Calgary.

Luke Mitchells


Yes, we will help you understand everything prior to working on your website and discuss your goals. 

No, at Webdrop, we take care of everything from web designing to SEO services. After hiring us, all your ecommerce needs will be catered. 

Our rates vary from website to website; you can always contact us to get an estimate from us. 

Here is the list of all our services:

  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Audit Reports
  • SEO Strategy
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Shopify PPC Advertising
  • Shopify Web Design
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other seo services

We offer various SEO services, including the following:

If there is anything that you need to know or just want to have a friendly chat regarding your eCommerce project, feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss your project!

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