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Webdrop highly talented SEO experts have constructed the most optimized mixture of transparent deliverables. With the integration of our performance-driven and customized internet marketing plans, your business will see the results in no time.

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Webdrop award-winning reputable SEO agency has been helping businesses enhance their online footprint for more than a decade. It has enabled hundreds of small and big companies, startups, and blogs to increase their visibility on the internet.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization), in layman’s terms, can be defined as the process of improving a website’s content in a bid to enhance its visibility in search engine results. When more people get to see seo company in Calgary your brand page, your website will naturally have more traffic. And more traffic means more customers.

According to a research, first page of the search engine results attracts almost all of the traffic. Whereas, the second page manages to grab merely 5% or even less of all traffic. Click-through rates fall even more dramatically once a person opens the second search engine results page. These facts highlight the importance of your ranking on any search engine.

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How our SEO agency can help?

If you want your website to get more visits, you need to make sure your content is sufficiently optimized. Remember, bringing about a natural improvement in the overall outreach, customer traffic flow, and success of your business can take time. It requires expertise, hard work, and tech-savvy minds. That’s where SEO companies like Webdrop step in and save the day. We, along with our best Calgary SEO experts, are at your disposal. Let us do the hard work for you.

If you are confused about what services you need or how SEO actually benefits your business, keep on reading. We will walk you through the fundamentals and facets of search engine optimization.

Result Matters!

With our expert SEO techniques, we always bring our clients positive search engine results. Here are some of our clients with a #1 Ranking on Google.


Lights Canada launched it’s online presence on Canada Day, July 1, 2015 with a simple vision: Make shopping for residential lighting easy and more accessible to Canadians, regardless of their geographical location. In this new digital age and globalized world, it can be easy to feel lost and confused about where to trust for residential lighting online.

Lights Canada was created for Canadians by Canadians and is the #1 place to shop for residential lighting online.

Growth in Search Campaigns
+ 100 %
Increase in Website Traffic
+ 100 %
Organic Search Revenue
+ 100 %
Top ranking Organic keywords

Middle-Eastern Restaurant Franchise in Alberta

Jerusalem Shawarma is an award-winning middle-eastern franchise restaurant with more than 10+ locations in Calgary and Edmonton. They offer fresh, delicious ethnic foods such as Hummus, Falafel, Donair and Chicken shawarma wraps and platters. 

Selected as a Top middle-eastern restaurant in Alberta

Growth in Foot Traffic
100 %
Increase in Search Engine Campaigns
+ 100 %
Sales Growth by local SEO
+ 100 %
0 %

Why SEO is important for your website?

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep on changing their optimization standards and criteria. Their local search algorithms remain ambiguous at best. However, common knowledge suggests that search engines usually rely on factors like the amount of time a user spends on your website on average, relevancy, and overall traffic to gauge the quality.

This ultimately determines the subsequent ranking of one’s website. We will help you create a one-size-fits-all solution for this dilemma. We will provide the safest and most reliable route to maximum outreach and engagement.

Let’s break SEO services down for you!

Conducting a thorough Audience and Keyword Research

Knowing the target consumers is essential for producing the right content. If you know what your potential buyers want to read and see, you can easily shape your website content according to their liking.

But most importantly, audience and keyword research is held in order to match the search intent of the users. The higher relevancy your content has, the higher its ranking will be. Calgary SEO expert will strategize and perform this groundwork in order to put your business on the path to success.

We use various top-notch SEO tools and software like:
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • MOZ
Creating Optimized Content by putting the right Semantic terms

Quality SEO content displays a number of ‘must-have’ characteristics. It is grammatically correct, relevant, and readable. Moreover, it does not contain keyword stuffing. Google algorithms can easily detect high keyword density, which seems unnatural. Our Calgary SEO specialists will produce unique and high-quality content on the basis of focus and target keywords. We will increase your page SEO by putting all the right semantic terms.

Our services are versatile. We produce the following SEO content:
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Building infographics
  • Videos
URL Optimization
Our Calgary SEO Company makes sure that your URL remains descriptive. Target words will be included optimally in HTML files and URL built. This will increase your website’s chances of appearing among higher ranking and assist you in growing your business.
Designing a Comprehensive Portfolio
We have got you covered. Our SEO consultants will make a comprehensive account of all the services you provide. Your areas of expertise will be amply highlighted. It will improve your ranking. It will also boost targeted traffic on your website.
Keeping an eye out for competitors
This make up an important part of our marketing strategy. A thorough analysis of your competitors will be done to get a deep understanding of their strong and weak points. Doing this will help us and you in gaining a competitive edge. Not to mention, learning from the experiences of others is also another way of expediting improvements. That is why competitor analysis is the backbone of internet marketing.
Making and submitting daily reports
The overall progress of a business campaign can be analyzed by using Google Analytics. It will be ensured that the performance of SEO keywords, traffic and outreach is evaluated on daily basis. This is done to put your brand among the top Calgary businesses.
White-hat optimization

We don’t use nor endorse prohibited ways of optimizing websites. This makes our product safe from sanctions and penalties. We aim to achieve success organically. Therefore, we rely on quality content, expert advice, and technical ingenuity. As we take our work very seriously, we steer clear of substandard products and black hat optimization.

Gain multiple benefits from SEO Calgary

  • Improved brand awareness
  • More customers
  • High websites rank
  • Expert advice; just one click away
  • Better leads and sales
Organizing the Content the right way

When it comes to SEO, content is king. It is king because it’s the only thing that has the ability to grab the attention of your potential customers and satisfy them. The quality of the written content on your website plays a big role in creating a good ranking, leads, and brand awareness.

So, we can say that it is the content that makes or breaks your business. A poorly structured website does more harm than good. Our team will organize your website content in such a manner as to make it more user-friendly.

Assisting a reader in navigating the given information will impart a lasting positive impression. Eventually, there will be high probability that visitors will seek to obtain services of your business. Useful content also increases the rate of referrals and help expand your business in long term. Apart from this, your web design will be kept in careful consideration.

Making and submitting daily reports
The overall progress of a business campaign can be analyzed by using Google Analytics. It will be ensured that the performance of SEO keywords, traffic and outreach is evaluated on daily basis. This is done to put your brand among the top Calgary businesses.

As mentioned earlier, backlinks help establish credibility. These third-party votes of confidence make Google think of your website in favorable terms. If a good website links to your site, there is high likelihood that its readers will visit yours too. Furthermore, if your website links out to a couple of other good quality websites, Google will judge yours as valuable and based in research.

External Links

Coming towards the second most important factor, external links are among the key determinants of your popularity on search engines. They can be described as the number of other websites that link to you or to which you link out. External links provide third-party endorsement to your website. They give not only an apparently objective or neutral opinion, but also an unbiased vote in your favor. That is why search engines like Google favor external optimization so much in ranking websites. However, a lot of variables are considered while analyzing the quality of external links given on your website. They range from, again, relevancy of the content both sites have, total number of links present and credibility of the linked website. But not all links give the same effect. Linking websites need to be having good rankings. Their content should of good quality.

This will help your website’s ranking in return. If you want to expand the popularity of your brand or business, contact us. Our skilled team provides the best Calgary SEO services.

Turn your small business into a large one while enjoying our SEO company Calgary services. You are just one step away from having extensive online marketing of your brand. Our all-encompassing technical SEO strategy is the perfect solution for any business owner.

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