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Businesses grow naturally when high number of conversions happen. But for this to happen, a responsive web design is a must. Also, your web design should be search engine friendly and cross-browser compatible. We, at Webdrop, provide the most dynamic Calgary web design services near you. Our web designers, having more than 12 years of experience, rank among the top Calgary web designers. We have worked on countless web design projects till date. 

If you are a business owner and want to expand your sales, conversion rates, and leads, then you are at the right place. Our Calgary web design company guarantees a responsive website that will make User experience as smooth as possible. We will work closely with your web development team, and SEO experts from start to finish. You can also opt for our SEO services and make this whole process better coordinated.

We promise you a business-friendly and user-friendly design. Our experts totally understand what it takes the small businesses to multiply in size. A responsive web design gives a visitor an easy visit. Through our web design, we will try to assist your potential buyers every step of the way, and in every possible way.

Take a look at the services we offer. Our work speaks for itself!

Calgary website design services

Our approach is performance-centric, which means we never compromise on quality. It is the fine quality of our services that wins us encouraging feedback every time. We offer following services:

  • Custom designs
  • CMS based websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • WordPress web development

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Benefits related to web design Calgary

Our customers or clients get to enjoy numerous benefits. We have listed them for you in order to help you in understanding our services in a better way.

Easy Navigation
A website which is easy to navigate leaves a lasting positive impression on its visitors. All the options need to be easily accessible and visible on the page. We work hard to come up with a balanced solution that will enable your visitors to interact and explore as much as they want.

High Conversion Rates
If your website readily engages the visitors; as soon as they open it, there are high chances your website will generate high conversion rates. Experts at Webdrop will help you recapture sales and earn new one by putting our unique tactics to work.

We succeed in making your visitors commit to conversion by using any or all of the following tools:

  • Offering gated forms
  • Generating leads
  • Reducing exit intent overlays by displaying discounts or offering distracting content
  • Conversion rate optimization CRO

There are a number of ways in which one can detect improved conversion rates:

  • Increased content download rates
  • Elevated levels of sign-ups
  • Increasing sales

A Perfect Landing Page
In web designing, constructing a good landing page is of utmost importance. This is because, landing pages are the first thing a potential customer visits. They determine the future course of action of any visitor. A landing page should be supportive and comprehensible. Its layout must be pleasing. 

In order to achieve these characteristics, one should arrange the headlines and body text in an effective way. Moreover, the copy and design of your landing pages should be such as to increase its probability of appearing in the top searches.

Our experts, at Webdrop, produce the prefect landing page for your brand by fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements.

A healthy website is able to work on multiple browsers, be them Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Webdrop provides a good functioning cross-browser compatible website.

Aesthetically Appealing
Our team chooses the most appealing themes, colors and text sizes in order to make your website aesthetically appealing. We duly give our maximum attention to the visual design of our clients’ websites. Our team designs the layout while keeping in mind the graphic design you have envisaged for your website, so that all things sync with one another. 

Optimal Turnaround time
This factor is a pre-requisite for a good performing brand website. If the visitors have to wait for multiple seconds or minutes before they finally see the results, they will most likely exit the page in no time. And this thing will hurt your business more than one can conjure up.

Layout for the mobile app
If you are interested in app development, our web design team will build for you the ‘mobile app version’ of the layout. This will allow the visitors to explore their options on their mobile devices. The final product will be equally efficient and user-friendly.

Deep Insights into Our Website Design Calgary

Let’s have a look inside some of our top strategies. That is how we do the magic:

Understanding your target audience
Our first priority is to get to know your audience. Anticipating the target’s most likely actions and reactions on your landing page enable us to act accordingly. That is how we adjust the layout and turnaround time.

Displaying trust indicators by adding achievements
Convincing a visitor to choose your brand is a big responsibility. We try to make this happen by displaying your achievements on the website. Trust indicators work like third-party approvals. They can be endorsements, positive feedback, popular clients etc.

Accentuating CTA
A Call-To-Action matters the most for your website. Using the right sizes and colors in highlighting CTA, can do wonders. We know how it can be made compelling enough to convince your visitor to commit to a certain course of action. 

Perfect clicks!
Perfect photographs of your products, premise, or workspace help visitors get a better idea of what they are about buy and pay for. We make sure the displayed items go with the background theme.

Demonstrating your Strengths & Objectives
We state all the benefits your business promises its customers. This comprehensive account of your objectives and strong points plays a critical role in impressing your buyers.

Sufficient branding
Whether it’s your brand logo, a tagline or product photo gallery, we know how to adjust all the items in the right numbers. It is our priority to brand your company sufficiently. 

Linking out
Establishing links improves a websites’ ranking on search engines. We try hard to obtain these votes of confidence for your website. 


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Webdrop

  1. We provide free consultations during the early process of rapport building and determining key expectations.
  2. Our knowledge of coding allow us to meet our client’s requirements and Search engine optimization standards as the same time.
  3. Our web designers give expert advice on how to use the design in the most efficient and effective manner.
  4. We deem it our responsibility to undertake timely research and give latest updates to our clients.
  5. Webdrop develops the right platform testing strategy. 
  6. Maintenance is the key, and our team is always ready to assist our clients in this regard. 
  7. We perform through testing and produce reports on the basis of obtained results.
  8. We do a complete competition analysis to give you a competitive edge.
  9. Installation & Setup is a part of our proper package.
  10.  We customize our designs according to the preferences of our clients.

Maximum interaction and engagement is the secret behind high performing website. Our Calgary website design company is here to make it happen. Providing high quality results are our main goal.


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