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Webdrop can help your business grow. But first, we need to understand your aspirations, target audience, and what you expect from our marketing experts. We take your business very personally. This is why our social media strategy will be unique to you.

However, before we start telling you about the benefits of our services, we will like you to understand what social media marketing is.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple words, social media marketing means using social networks to engage with the audience, improve sales or conversions, and increase brand popularity. This involves making the right content in the right context

Do you know more than half of the world population uses social media?  Do you want to make the best of your social media presence? We knew you did.  Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, digital marketing has become more popular. Businesses all across the world are now trying to utilize social media platforms in order to spread brand awareness and increase sales. 

Nowadays, social media algorithms have become quite strict. The competition has increased immensely. Therefore, only the best ones are able to get the most traffic. But there is no need to worry. Our skilled digital marketing team is here to make things a lot easier for you.

Top social media platforms

Every network entertains different demographics and interests. Therefore, it is important to use the content of the right nature in order to utilize the specific trends of each platform to your advantage.

Webdrop’s Grand Strategy; Tailoring to Specific Needs

Our Social media marketing agency in Calgary has gathered genius minds under one roof to design a perfect grand strategy for social media marketing. This plan constitutes the basic framework. Our team bends and moulds it to meet the individual needs of our clients in the best way possible. Let’s dive into it!

Social Media Promotion techniques

The followings are the basic techniques that our team applies in order to gain good results.


Through ads one can target specific audience on the basis of demographics, interests and location. Advertising provides the quickest way of promoting your business. By using ads one can start promoting one’s brand or startup instantly. This is the inorganic way of increasing traffic.

We take a holistic view of advertising. Our experts know exactly what works best and what does not. Advertising is not limited to putting up sponsored posts. There are many ways in which we can advertise a brand:

While organic and earned advertisement do not cost anything, paid ads are sponsored ones. They require spending money. Everything other than paid ads increases traffic organically. 

An example of organic advertising can be a post that attracts a lot of view in a natural manner. Earned advertising happens when your post is shared by someone, or your brand gets tagged in a post.

However, there are little chances that advertisement will bear fruit if we do not keep in mind following factors: 


We, at Webdrop, thoroughly analyze your target audience. If your business is targeting younger generation, the best platform for advertising purposes will be Instagram or Snapchat. Whereas, in case your brand wants older population as its audience, the Facebook and YouTube seem to be the best options.

Quality of content

You cannot expect people to choose your services or buy your products if they do not find it appealing. The quality of content matters a great deal. Our company makes sure that only top-notch content goes up on your social.

Engagement is the key

You have to interact with people on social media platforms, build connections with influencers and regular customers. Webdrop team will devise the perfect plan to achieve this goal. All we need is your faith in our capabilities. 

Contacting Influencers

Approaching influencers to get your brand featured is one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness and traffic.

People tend to trust public figures a great deal. If an influencer endorses your brand or product, there are high chances that his or her followers will follow suit. This will also drive traffic to your page. Endorsements from influencers are like promotions through word of mouth, but in the digital way!

Our team does a good amount of homework in order to identify people with similar interests. Engaging them helps our clients get maximum number of votes of confidence. It also increases brand popularity.

Social Media SEO

Search engine optimization matters as much to social media platforms as it does to websites.  Undertaking SEO on social means:

  • Writing hashtags
  • Putting keywords in post captions
  • Putting keywords in ‘bio.’ This is essential for increasing relevancy.
  • Putting website Url
  • Add contact information
  • Add cover photo
  • Putting Business address and hours

Apart from these techniques, which are a common knowledge these days, Webdrop marketing team employs some other effective measures as well. 

Maintaining Aesthetics

Our team considers the mechanisms of human psychology while painting the aesthetics of our clients’ social media pages. Symmetry matters a lot. It goes without saying, organized content looks way more appealing than an unorganized one. Organized content assists the visitors and makes navigation easier.

Not to mention, appealing themes and colors enhance the attractiveness of social accounts. A touch of uniformity in the basic theme does all the magic for us and our clients. 

Speak to our Calgary Social Media Consultants

Our experts are well aware with the art of developing custom social media marketing plan that will help your business to build brand awareness while generating revenue from various social media platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.

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Webdrop likes to get unconventional with its online marketing strategy

 Our work stands out from the rest because it is unique. This is how we achieve the best results:

Analyzing space & choosing the right network

Analyzing your space helps our team pick the most efficient social network your brand or company. For example, if

 you’re in B2B space, LinkedIn will prove to be the best option for you. Twitter is good too for a B2B company. However, if you have a B2C company, Facebook and Instagram will likely give the best results. Luckily, YouTube works fine for both B2B and B2C companies.

Once you pick a specific network, use it thoroughly. Using too many networks will only divide your attention and time. Your presence on any platform should be productive.

Social Media Network

Shortlisting networks according to target audience

As mentioned earlier, stats show that networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest tend to attract young users or populations. Whereas, Facebook attracts users that fall largely in older age bands. 

We always keep your customers in mind. What do they want? What do they need? We put ourselves in their shoes and think. What would we want to see if we were a customer? 

By analyzing your company’s target audience, on the basis of your services and products, our Calgary social media marketing team will suggest the most suitable platform to you. 

Identifying niche

The nature and quality of your content also address our choices. If you are good at making videos, you should use YouTube or LinkedIn. Infographics provide amazing results on these networks. 

Building connections

One of the best pieces of advice our company can give you is to ‘Engage!’ 

Respond to queries even if they are posted on other pages. Repost, share, and tag people. Share relevant content. Reply quickly, you should be very responsive. 

Thank those who interact with your brand or business. Engage sincerely. That is how you a build a base of support for your brand. This strong base, in return, forms strong connections.

Studying closest competitors

Our team does this hard work for you. We take a good look at your competitors and try to identify their strong and weak points. A good analysis goes a long way towards making lucrative adjustments. It is the fastest way of learning the right tactics and tricks. 

Creating educational content

Our digital marketing company makes sure that your brand creates educational content. Spreading much needed awareness wins a company connections and trust.

Providing Links on Multiple Social Media Apps

If there is a likelihood that a significant portion of your target audience will also be using other networks like Pinterest, it will be wise to share links on that platform. In this way, everyone will be able to access your other social accounts through one ‘click.’

Highlighting Reviews on Social Media

Our team takes great care in displaying best reviews on your social pages. This improves the credibility of our clients. Positive feedback not only encourages the business, it also compels visitors to opt for the services.

Staying up-to-date

We advise our clients to go with the flow; stay aware of latest trends and movements. Make relevant content. Show people the ‘human/empathetic’ side of your brand. Give them something relatable. If such content resonates well with people, they will come to like your business even more.